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I have so many fond memories of the making of this record:

Dan Tomlinson (Lyle Lovett's phenomenal drummer) laying down his flawless meter ... Jonathan Miller from the Toronto Cirque de Soliel Orchestra hauling his old silver clarinet out of his case, kicking his shoes off, turning out the lights (he likes to play in the dark), and working his magic.  When he was done with the clarinet, he took out his violin and did it all over again!  Paul Lucas banging out an instant arrangement for Let's Pretend We're Strangers, "How About a Taj Mahal kinda thing?" then coming up with the idea for a tuba accompaniment!  Sam Palafian sitting down with his tuba. Tubas can make you cry. They can! Don Charles on guitar and Deb Gessner on her harp intuitively laying down their perfect silky arrangement for Early Sunday Morning.  And Kyle Harris enthusiastically directing all this madness from behind his mixing board, hour afte hour, not stopping until he was sure he got what he needed.  Hey! They all sounded like good takes to me... later I found out what he meant.



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